Mimesiwallpaper creates original wallpaper collections to design or renovate the space of your dreams.

At the heart of each of our drawings there is great attention to detail and in-depth research in the world of international art and design.

Our innovative décor makes your space unique and personal.

Thanks to our experience in the digital world, we bring a touch of style to the interior decoration, with great care towards the highest quality output of our prints, ensuring vivid colors and excellent definition.

Our wallpapers are durable, easy to install and made to order only, which means producing as little waste as possible. Our packaging materials are entirely eco-sustainable, while constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment when sourcing our products.









Mimesiwallpaper was born in 2022 from an intuition of the owners of the company Officinemimesi S.r.l., photo-realistic images for catalogs and adv. Immediately perceive the high decorative value and the possible declination in the world of furniture and design made in Italy.

Mimesiwallpaper enters the market with the intention of redefining the aesthetics of wall decoration and not only, with the intention of making even the simplest furnishings chameleon and unique. A precise and innovative philosophy: no more repetition of patterns and geometries, typical of traditional wallpaper, but enlargements and macro-images with a strong material effect.

Aesthetics, research and innovation are the registers on which the daily activity of Mimesiwallpaper is based. Mimesiwallpaper offers a design service with various levels of customization, ranging from the adaptation of colors and sizes of the many graphics in the collection to the creation of totally new subjects created specifically for the customer and thus be able to meet even the most complex project needs.

Mimesiwallpaper: a creative vision in which wallpaper becomes a leading protagonist of contemporary home.