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Wallpaper Made in Italy

Design by

The pattern designed specifically for Plinio il Giovane's Zoe kitchen combines art, nature and design.
Zoe is designed to be functional while respecting the environment, to represent a meeting point for people and their loved ones, to become a way to respect nature and the planet.
For every single living being, food has always set life's rhythms, and it enhanced humanity's important occasions, following the cycle of nature and its products.
To design this kitchen's coating we started from the concept of food being an essence of nature.
The pattern was made using simple stamps, obtained from a cut in half orange. A sign simple like a stamp, a motif that is impactful and direct like Zoe's kitchen minimal design.
The chosen colors make the pattern unique, as well as the entire product's design. Simple, practical and unforgettable all at the same time.

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